Nabaztag: Do you have a speaking rabbit yet?


Are we too bored with our first life or am I just missing something. It seems that a seemingly growing part of our global community is fleeing into the world of cyberspace. It started relatively innocent. Nabaztag was developed in France, when is a bit unclear, and started as a speaking rabbit-shaped device that indicated whether you have email. After its huge success in France, English and even Dutch speaking rabbits have been developed. Also the second version of the rabbit is available now, now you can give it commands by speaking to it, after which the rabbit can read RSS feeds or emails to you. Additionally, you can communicate to other Nabaztag owners with audiomessages. The rabbit even has an odor-recognition device and also some other tech-geek stuff like an rfid-chip (?), this supposedly can make the rabbit recognize and read out aloud chipped books.

On the web over hundreds of new communities of plastic rabbit owners and hence friends have arisen. A world I never knew about. Scary actually. For instance, as we speak hundreds of people are actually ‘hacking’ the rabbit to make it do new ‘useful’ things that are not in the user manual. And the N. owners can now communicate constantly about the new colours of their rabbit ears and what else on their thousands of blogs(!). Apparently Nabaztag owners have a lot in common. There are I don’t know how many podcasts and YouTube videos about this little rabbit. People are sharing whole albums of pictures of their new dolled-up rabbits, their rabbit in a plant, their rabbit with sunglasses etc. So all in all, there is no need to ever leave your computer, as your whole social life can revolve around your rabbit and your rabbit-friends! I say. —— Blogging with your Nazbaztag friends ——– Nazbaztag in Wikipedia

Anyone in for a beer???