Oerol 2007!!!


Three days on Terschelling, one of the little islands North of the Dutch main land, filled with experimental drama (Office Symphony, Good Cop/Bad Cop), dance (Club Guy and Roni!! Superb!!), satire (Volkstheater with Zeeuwse Nachten!!), Puppetry (The wrestler!!! Super), and international performances (e.g. Uncle Wanja by Tjechov in French, in the wet grass, on a single wooden plank, rainy cold, duh!), mesmerizing stories told by glass shells in the dunes, great parties (Heartbreak hotel!), and lots of fun with the warriors friends and their children in a comfortable holiday house (see pix!).
Good food, nice drinks, an excellent hot spring outside, what else could we ask for?? 🙂




[a short impression of one of the performances, unfortunately not the best one we’ve seen, follows in 2 weeks time]

p.s. The warrior is still waiting for a ‘goedmakertje’ from Mr. Manno Mans. No, cycling for one hour(!) in the rain around 1AM in pitch dark only to find her date has left the party for the dunes, even be it for a ‘good’ reason, is even too much for the lone warrior. And yes, that girl did look great, the warrior admits.


The warrior is…

…in Bangkok!! Shopping shopping shopping, the last spree before she leaves asia and goes to cosmo city Bratislava…
(to be continued)