Holland forever….

We might have lost from the mighty Guus H., but we will go on and stand strong…  😉 (some wishful thinking cannot hurt here)

South Africa here we come!! 😉 10/9/2008 is the first preliminary for the World Championships against Macedonia FYR. Our warrior is very curious to see how our Dutch guys will play then, after this EC roller coaster…

p.s. Rob, Jacqueline, Anneke, Paul, Sascha, Pieter, thanks for being such fabulous hosts!! (and big kudos to J&R for ad hoc hosting the NL-FA match during the power outage on the hill and for A&P for bringing the big suitcase full of drinks and snacks that came in very handy :-), and to the two Italian guys gracefully taking their loss at the NL-IT match), and thanks to Dana for the lovely orange hawaii skirts, excellent!! All in all, it was a short, but exhilarating experience.


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