Update! Moving into the house!!

Pictures of an empty house are to be found earlier on the blog. But today, around seven weeks after we left our house in Singapore, we are finally moving into our new house on the Danube!!! Three big trucks with a seemingly endless amount of boxes are in front of the house. I explained to a puzzled Hungarian mover (only 2 people and so much stuff!) that we like shopping. 🙂 A nearby standing Slovak mover explained that the fellow does not understand me as he speaks Hungarian only. ‘Spreche Deutsch’ the guy luckily added. Good. So a limited conversation started (I never paid that much attention in German class). But limited conversation is better than no conversation. So.

I hope the moving company used recycled paper, otherwise I think a whole rainforest was taken down to protect our glasses and porcelain. I promised myself I will check on that. (before I hand in the evaluation, ;-))

Got to go back, got to keep on moving!!! There will probably not be that many artsy reports the coming week. As the warrior will be busy cleaning up. Pictures will follow very soon though. And we’ll be back in business by next week…


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