Drogba wants to leave Chelsea for a good offer and Jose spins…

Funny to see Mr. Mourinho and the Chelsea PR department do their spin. Drogba indicates he wants to leave. Surprise surprise, several newsarticles appear (not even always referring to Drogbas willingness to leave) in which Jose praises Drogbas ingenuity and added value to the team. Oh well, I do think Jose decided it was time to put someone else under the loupe, after all the attention Lampard got on his supposed Barca move (which Barca always denied btw).

Diverting attention is also a good idea as Lampard has been all over the tabloids (especially in LA) in regards to his supposed fling in Las Vegas with a 30-ish Eastern European woman: check out this article (also for a ‘pimped up’ Lampard picture): http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2007310512,00.html


The latest articles on Drogba:


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