The warrior actress: Singaporean children’s TV series ‘Sketch’

Finally famous! 😉 A speaking role on Singapore Television in a very nice children’s series called Sketch. The warrior plays the deceased mother 🙂 of young Erwin, played by ten-year old Scott, who has found a magic sketch book. Everything he draws in the book becomes real! But the evil witch is set on getting her hands on the book.

The show plays every Sunday morning 9.30AM at Kids Central (channel number 5 on Starhub). This particular episode nr.8 will be aired coming Sunday 8 July. The warrior gives a big applause to Scott and VJ, the young actors, for their fabulous performance.

The warrior will mainly be seen in the family picture next to the couch, and in episode 8 where the evil witch pretends to be Erwin’s mother.

[Live images and photos of the shoot follow within 2 weeks, when we have access to our own computer]


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