Locking up the house, and saying goodbye….

The day before yesterday we moved to a hotel near Orchard. And now the time has come to say goodbye to the house. This will be the last past I write from our house in Singapore. Soon we will not only leave the house where we enjoyed living so much for the past 4 years, but much more difficult: we will also have to say goodbye to Olivia.

Olivia has been our help in need and took care of everything and anything. Without her, our stay here would not have been even remotely the same pleasurable experience as it has been now. It will be a difficult farewell. Luckily we’re still here for some ten days, so we will not do a definite goodbye yet. But I am not looking forward to that moment. I can tell you that. Pictures of the move will follow later…

My chair is taken from me now, so I will report back later from our hotel.

Ciao Medway Park, until we meet again…




  1. Maid in Singapore

    Een vrouw in zakformaat
    slim, sterk, Katholiek
    bij contract verstoken
    van het recht
    op huwelijk en gezin

    Haar overgevlogen moeder
    zat kaarsrecht op de bank
    ’s Nachts sliepen ze samen
    in het bed onder dat
    van de andere meid

    Ik was ma’am zoals zovelen
    toch huilde ze toen ze vertelde
    over de haren in mijn bed

    Daarna werd alles anders
    maar zij bleef dezelfde
    net als al die anderen:

    de ongecastreerde eunuchen
    aan de basis van Lee inc.

  2. Can you translate this into english for me? I recall you saying it was rather profound and i’d love to read that for myself.

    Leigh xx

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