Saying goodbye to Singapore: Cafe del Medway Party, the best party of the year!!

The pictures speak for themselves…but ok, these were some of the highlights:

– The paparazzi in the garden that morning (Miss van Dixyhorn in leopard skin!!);
– The Farewell songs created by Bela Anna, and very well sung we might add by the Dutch community in north-pole wear (in a temperature of 30 degrees celcius!);
– The slightly changed theme: From Mojito to Bokito, escaped Gorilla’s rule!!;
– Die Fledermaus opera in Vienna!!! Thx M&M, F&W!!;
– Only the fly people in the pool ;-);
– The super blasting sound system, the whole of Jurong could Karaoke along with Andre Hazes. (thx DJ Gary);
– Fab music by DJ Griffin;
– (Were the police sleeping?? ;-));
– Valentino risking his life and back by balancing the 3 meter high super-blast speakers on his shoulders and carrying these inside the house…thx!!.

It was fabulous!!! Thx all for being there for us…


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