Heared on BBC world radio: Islamic scholar sees Breast Feeding as symbolic act which makes it right for men and women to work together

Source: BBC world radio/arabwomanprogressivevoice.blogspot.com

17 May 2007 […] So the latest Azhar fatwa, ingeniously thought of by the head of the Hadith section at the university who argues it’s based on a Prophet’s strong Hadith (saying), is trying to solve the problem that in this darn age men and women are spending time alone together at work when that is forbidden. The solution? Easy! The problem can be easily solved by having the woman nurse her colleague. Yep. Nurse him as in put her breast in his mouth. This way they become related through nursing and as such can be alone together without breaking any moral or religious codes. But they need to keep accurate records of who nursed whom so things don’t get mixed up. Once a man is nursed by a woman, she can take off her veil in front of him because now he’s “forbidden” to her.”

In the mean time the Egyptian scholar made his apology for what he calls a one time incident and an attempt to creative thinking.

The full blog comments:

For those of you who can read arabic, the original Fatwa:


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  1. And before I knew I was lost on another suprisingly fresh, mind-opening blog. Good discussions over there. Keep up the cross-linking, warrior!

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